A global look at the power of Ferrari’s Formula One team
March 16th, 2022, YouGov

A global look at the power of Ferrari’s Formula One team

Ferrari’s Formula One team is a global powerhouse – close to half of motorsport fans around the world support the team. As the start of the 2022 seasons draws near, YouGov global data shows in which major markets the Ferrari team has the biggest strongholds, and where there may be room for growth.

Without an ounce of surprise, the vast majority of motorsport fans in Italy support the Prancing Horse (84%), representing the largest share of any of the 20 markets in this analysis. It’s worth noting that 17% of motorsport fans in Italy support Alfa Romeo, the other Italian automaker on the F1 circuit.


The team also has a command of the motorsport fan base in Colombia (where 67% say they support Ferrari), as well as Argentina (67%) and Turkey (63%).

China represents a massive opportunity for Ferrahttps://business.yougov.com/solutions/researchri and indeed all F1 teams in general. Not only does it have the largest number of F1 fans of any market in our analysis, but Ferrari can also claim 38% of those as fans. While this figure is entirely respectable, there is room for growth. The sport has grown risen in popularity since the introduction of the Chinese Grand Prix in 2004, with rumblings that another race could be added. Alfa Romeo — which commands a marginal 5% support among Chinese motorsport fans — has brought on Zhou Guanyu, the first full-time Chinese F1 driver in history. He will very likely bring with him some home-country fans.

India and Indonesia are clear markers of success for Ferrari, with the team enjoying 58% and 57% of the sport’s massive fan base, respectively.

The United States represents the sixth largest market for Formula One in our analysis, with an estimated 12 million fans. Our data shows roughly a quarter of these fans support Ferrari (24%), a photo-finish ahead of McLaren and Red Bull Racing, which both have 22%. It’s worth noting that 44% of motorsport fans in the US don’t support any F1 team, likely because the races are up against the enormously popular NASCAR league.

Ferrari has the least penetration in the United Kingdom market, with just 12% of motorsport fans claiming to support the Italian team. Indeed Mercedes, home of Lewis Hamilton, reigns supreme in the UK with 47% of the fan base. Hamilton’s previous team, McLaren, comes in second at 40%.

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Methodology: YouGov Global Fan Profiles Data referenced is based on an overall sample size 1,077 and 20,641 motorsport fans depending on market. Ongoing research was conducted between December 2020 and January 2022.