Chatbots: Shaping the future of personal banking
July 13th, 2023, Carmen Yew

Chatbots: Shaping the future of personal banking

As more banks in the region embrace technological revolution, chatbots are often provided to streamline their consumers’ experience. What are some important consumer attitudes towards chatbots used for this purpose?

We find out in our latest report which uncovers the transformative impact of chatbots on financial services in APAC, with comprehensive research conducted across key markets including Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand. Our research reveals that Thailand and Indonesia are frontrunners in adopting chatbots for personal banking, demonstrating a higher likelihood of chatbot usage compared to other markets.

Understand consumer attitudes towards chatbots across APAC in our report:

  • Customer touchpoints in the financial services sector
  • Likelihood of using chatbots and consumer attitudes
  • Benefits and barriers of chatbots
  • What do consumers expect from chatbots in the future?