The UK’s most-streamed TV, April 2023: Friends, Big Bang Theory and You
May 23rd, 2023, Clifton Mark

The UK’s most-streamed TV, April 2023: Friends, Big Bang Theory and You

Big Bang Theory, Friends and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are the three most-streamed shows in the UK for April 2023. The data comes from YouGov Stream, which is an opt-in online behaviour tracker which collects global viewership data from a panel of more than 160,000 activated accounts. The chart below shows how many views and viewers each title had on the platform where it was most popular. The chart also shows the average number of views per viewer (Vs/Vr), which is an indicator of how much consumers are bingeing a particular title.

Last month, The Big Bang Theory was the second-most-streamed title with 54.9m streams from 1.1m viewers. In April, it climbs to the top spot with 69.1m streams from 1.3m viewers, the lowest number of viewers on the top ten list. Getting the highest number of downloads from the fewest viewers means that the show is massively bingeable, with dedicated fans watching an average of 52 episodes each in the month of April.

Also remaining in the top five from March are Brooklyn Nine-Nine (54.5m views), Friends (49.7), and The Office (40.4m). The Night Agent, climbed from sixth to fourth place with 45.7m views.

Buzzy Netflix drama Beef is new to the list, coming in at number six. Data from our social listening tool, YouGov Signal indicates that Beef was one of the most in-demand titles for the month of April so its streaming success, shown by YouGov Stream is no surprise. Starring Steven Yeun and Ali Won, the series depicts an escalating feud between two strangers after a near accident in a parking lot.

Another new arrival to the top ten list, and one of the only non-American titles, is Canadian comedy Working Moms. Catherine Reitman created and stars in the show about a group of friends dealing with combining motherhood and professional life. Season seven was released on Netflix in April.

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Methodology: YouGov Stream is an audience streaming tracker, monitoring reported streaming attitudes and behaviours with verified SVOD & AVOD viewership data across multiple streaming services. It is backed by 160,000 activated accounts and the ability to connect to YouGov’s panel of 22 million+ registered members.