All grown up: 4 key characteristics of TikTok’s over-25 audience
March 29th, 2023, Mike Woods

All grown up: 4 key characteristics of TikTok’s over-25 audience

TikTok has exploded in popularity over the past few years and it’s no longer just an app for teenagers and young adults. As the social media platform grows in use and engagement, so does the age range of its users.

Data from YouGov indicates the age demographics of weekly TikTok users shifted in the last few years and today, TikTok users aged 25 and over make up a significant portion of the platform's audience. Just 58% of weekly TikTok users were aged 25 and over in 2021, but that figure has now risen to 73%.

In a new YouGov report, TikTok: All Grown Up, we look at the opportunities for brands and marketers to engage with this rapidly growing group of TikTok users.

The research also highlights the brands that are winning over the ever-expanding audience of TikTok users aged 25 and over, with household names such as Nike, Netflix, L'Oréal, Corona, PayPal and McDonald’s earning top spots in the brand rankings.

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Here are four important reasons why this mature TikTok audience is worth knowing:

1. They have more money to spend than adults who don't use TikTok

One of the primary reasons why TikTok users aged 25 and over are an important segment is their spending power. Compared to all US adults aged 25 and over, these TikTok users  group are more than twice as likely to report having more than $2,500 in household monthly disposable income.

Members of this TikTok audience also stand out for their views toward their purchase habits and financial matters. They over-index in their financial optimism, with 63% saying they are better off now than they were a year ago (vs. 48% of US adults aged 25+).

In addition, they are more likely to say they make impulsive purchases (60% vs. 41%) and take risks with their money (45% vs. 31%).

2. They are engaged with advertising

TikTok users aged 25 and over are highly receptive to advertising. According to data from YouGov Profiles, an audience intelligence tool, this group of mature TikTok users say advertising helps them choose what to buy (60% vs. 40%) and report that they seek experiences that will make for great content on their social media (50% vs. 24%).

Moreover, they can serve as strong brand evangelists given their propensity to advocate. Three-quarters (75%) of this TikTok audience say they love recommending things for people to try and two-thirds (66%) say they are more likely recommend brands when they are a member of their loyalty program.

3. They like celebrity culture and new shopping experiences

Along with user-generated content, celebrities and influencers play big roles in driving trends on TikTok. Weekly TikTok users aged 25 and over appear to be highly influenced by these cultural drivers, with 44% saying they trust products recommended by celebrities and influencers and 42% saying celebrity endorsements influence the things they buy.

It’s important that brands choose the right influencers to partner with, however, as YouGov data reveals that the best-known influencers are not necessarily the most-liked ones.

When we look at the shopping experiences that this group of TikTok users gravitate toward, three in four (75%) say they wish all stores had user friendly apps for mobile purchasing and nearly two-thirds (63%) say subscription boxes encourage them to discover and try new brands and products.

4. They want brands to take a stance on social issues

TikTok users aged 25 and over are highly conscious of social issues, and they want brands to take a stance on them. Research from the YouGov report shows that 83% of this group say it is important that brands communicate the values they stand for, 14-points higher than the overall population aged 25+ (69%).

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are examples of these key social issues, with 81% of weekly TikTok users aged 25 and over saying institutions should have D&I policies in place (vs. 69%).

In this, TikTok can be an ideal platform for brands to address social issues and promote their company values.

Download YouGov’s new TikTok, All Grown Up to learn:

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