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Robust market research solutions, for every budget and timeline

Market-leading research for data you can trust. According to Pew Research, YouGov consistently outperformed competitors on accuracy. We make it easy for you to generate the insights you need, fast. Leverage 15+ years of living consumer intelligence in 55+ markets for a deeper understanding of consumers, brands, industries and more.

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Fast surveys and polls

Build fast surveys and polls with expert support, or create your own and get results in hours using our rapid, easy-to-use self-service platform in the US and GB.

Gain a deep understanding of the consumer landscape by submitting your survey questions to our nationally representative Omnibus surveys in 70+ markets, supported by our research team. Perfect for PR soundbites, thought leadership and securing media exposure.

Panel-powered, trustworthy insights from your target audience.

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In-depth, custom research

Get the gold standard in consumer, market and competitive intelligence with our Custom Research solutions. Our specialists analyze your requirements, using the smartest technology and research methods to uncover the data you need to boost your brand.

Access market-leading technology, receive end-to-end support from sector experts, and re-contact respondents at any point to gain deeper insight into your audience.

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Ad, creative and product concept testing

Get ahead of the game: understand exactly how audiences will respond to your campaigns before you launch. Test everything: from concepts and price models to ad, creative and campaign messaging.

Empower your decision-making with intelligence to inform strategy, enable successful launches and maximise ROI.

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Take a note from businesses who are research savvy. Go on... you’re in good company.

“With YouGov’s rapid pre-test capabilities we are able to gain a valuable understanding of consumer sentiment so we can make data-informed, strategic marketing decisions before the ad launches on TV.”

Clare White, Head of Marketing Communications