Ad & product concept testing

Accurate and credible testing

Looking to test ad creative, products, messaging or new concepts? Get the answers you need from your target audience to inform your strategy.
Increase ad and product effectiveness whilst maximising ROI with our advanced, templated approaches to testing.

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Put your ideas to the test

Get fast, cost-effective answers from nationally representative or targeted audiences to launch your campaign or product with confidence.

Our researcher-supported Surveys solution, allows you to develop successful products, campaigns and more by testing pricing models, creatives and concepts. Understand your market and audience to inform smarter strategies.

24/7 self-service research

Create your own direct-to-consumer surveys with our rapid, self-service YouGov Surveys platform to get the consumer feedback you need to test ideas and shape your strategy before the day is over - available in GB & US.

Optimize your ads, products and campaigns before launch by speaking to the audience that matters to you. Test your creative and messaging, and see results in minutes with our easy-to-use, self-service platform. Evaluate your campaign's performance in real-time; understand how it was received by your target audience, and make informed decisions on how to improve it.

Test across the customer journey

Understand exactly what concepts and creatives your target audience is most responsive to, at each stage of the customer lifecycle, with Consumer Journey Diagnostics.

Track respondents as they move from brand awareness, through to purchase intent and loyalty with our templated research approach, designed by experts to generate accurate and useful insights.

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Why YouGov?

Take a note from businesses who are research savvy in testing, developing data-informed new ideas.

“With YouGov’s rapid pre-test capabilities we are able to gain a valuable understanding of consumer sentiment so we can make data-informed, strategic marketing decisions before the ad launches on TV.”

Clare White, Head of Marketing Communications