US Cord Cutters Report 2022

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YouGov’s most recent white paper, the Global Media Outlook Report 2022 provides a comprehensive view of ever-evolving media consumption habits and media channel preferences, as well as key year-on-year trends. Utilizing the data for Americas, YouGov built insights on what is it that advertisers need to know about evolving media consumption habits.

Find out how quickly and effectively media owners and advertisers are changing their strategies as more consumers cut the cord in the US and continue tuning in to different media channels.

A Tech-Talk Webinar partnered with eMarketer and YouGov broke down the changes in media consumption habits and identified emergent media growth opportunities for advertisers based on hundreds of thousands of consumer interviews conducted daily.

This report combines various YouGov data solutions to understand:

  • How Americans expect to consume media in the year ahead ​
  • Which media channels are most likely to remain profitable ​
  • Where to reach and engage the next generation of cord-cutters

Download the full report on cord cutters today or get in touch with YouGov to learn more!