10 media and content personas critical for growth

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COVID-19 spurred a rapid change of how we consume and interact with media and content, but over the past 12 months some trendlines have begun to level. Understanding continued shifts in consumer behaviour, preferences and attitudes will be critical to charting a successful growth strategy for the remainder of the decade.

Leveraging YouGov data, we’ve identified 10 key consumer audiences about whom media and content leaders need a nuanced POV.

News sceptics – 73% of adults in Britain say that news organisations tend to provide only one side of the story depending on who owns them or funds them

Facebook friends – 67% of Brits mainly use social media to keep in touch with family and friends

Subscription sharers – 59% of British adults feel that video and music streaming services should offer more group subscriptions

Radio fanatics – 55% of Brits listen to the radio in the background when they are on their own

Trailer tribe – 54% of adults in Great Britain enjoy watching the trailers at the cinema

Advert avoiders – 54% of Brits tend to mute the advertisements on TV

Music pioneers – 43% of adults in Britain like to explore new genres of music and new artists

Recorded reliant - 30% of Britons believe that live TV is a thing of the past

Social media gamers – 23% of Brits enjoys playing games on social media

British naysayers – 19% of adults in Britain prefer watching American TV vs. British programmes

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Strategy, insights and product leads can leverage YouGov Surveys to specifically target these consumer cohorts within YouGov’s highly engaged panel – whether it’s a quick response survey or deep-dive study.