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What is influencing sports bettors during significant sports events?

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In this YouGov study, we set out to gain insights into the betting behaviours surrounding the UEFA Champions League Final 2022.

Rather than just rely on predicted betting activity, we explore whether reality met expectations, and if not, what changed?

Download this YouGov mini report and discover:

  • The attitudes and behaviours surrounding the UEFA Champions League Final 2022 - pre and post match.
  • Who or what drove betting on the UEFA Champions League Final 2022, in the UK?
  • Insights as we look ahead to The FIFA World Cup

The data behind the report

The insights for this report are drawn from several proprietary sources, including YouGov’s brand tracker, BrandIndex, and our syndicated monthly tracker, Global Gambling Profiles, which interviews tens of thousands of Europeans in 13 countries across the year about gambling activity. We have further supplemented this data with a custom study focusing on betting expectations and actual behaviour pre and post the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final.