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Profile Peek

First time buyers in Great Britain

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YouGov recently profiled the attitudes and behaviours of Brits looking to buy their first house in the next 12 months. Download our latest profile peek and discover:

  • The demographics of Brits looking to buy their first home
  • How and where first time buyers are looking to buy
  • Buzz and consideration scores of top property organisations across the UK
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Attitudes towards advertising

About YouGov Profile Peek

Drawing on data from across YouGov’s vast connected ecosystem, compiled in YouGov Profiles, Profile Peeks are infographics that deep dive into a niche audience group segmented based on trending sector topics. Showcasing a range of behavioural and attitudinal insights they are designed to help brands and agencies get that little bit closer to the consumers they need to understand most.