Global Gambling Profiles

Game-changing intelligence on gambling audiences

Monthly tracker reviewing gambling prevalence and gamblers across  24 markets.

Get the most up-to-date gambling industry data at a global and local level, tracking behaviors and attitudes  for a full picture of your target audience.

Unlock gambling insights
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Fresh, actionable insights

Access unrivalled consumer intelligence including market sizing, usage trends, attitudes, and brand choice from over 500,000+ interviews per year.

Identify trends and cross-analyze gambling data against key metrics, including demographics, media consumption, sports and teams followed, and more.

Unlock key gambling insights including what consumers gamble on, where they gamble, bets placed, types of bets, frequency, spend, style, attitudes and behaviors.

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Stay ahead of the game

Explore  specific topics such as buying tickets for prize draws, spread betting, and political betting. Create custom variables to draw out and highlight the data most important to you.

Builda profile of purchasers including demographics, attitudes, media consumption and gambling activities, to help develop campaign targeting.

Understand attitudes towards general legislative change, sport sponsorship, new verticals and upcoming industry developments, Re-Contacting your audience to better understand the thoughts behind their responses.


Our unique tool provides you with:

Accurate industry analysis

Market sizing across 24 markets with new data collected and updated monthly

Data consistency

Measure trends across a consistent set of gambling metrics to inform strategic decisions, from slots to esports

Unparalleled audience insights

Analyze gamblers against a range of readily available data variables to understand your audience in depth

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