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Addressing Gen Z in the right way

Together with ZEAM, we have developed the Gen Z Check so that you and your company can correctly understand and address the post-millennials.

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Marketing activities and recruitment for Gen Z

Ask Gen Z about topics that are important to you. Test the following easily, quickly and in line with your target group:

  • Advertising materials,
  • Scribbles,
  • Ads,
  • Social media posts,
  • Product descriptions,
  • Website content,
  • Job adverts,
  • and much more

in a representative Gen-Z sample in Switzerland, Germany, Austria or other markets relevant to you

Developed together with Gen-Z experts

Developed in collaboration with ZEAM, an agency specialising in Gen Z, the Gen Z Check is the basis for one of the largest post-millennial surveys in the DACH region. The study examines the attitudes and behaviour of more than 2,000 people from Gen Z and an equally large number of people from the older generations.

The results include:

  • Media use among Gen Z is experiencing by far the biggest change in decades.
  • In order to reach Gen Z with advertising, content and design must be adapted to the target group and channel.
  • If you want to attract and inspire Gen Z as an employer, you have to take the needs and expectations of this target group into account.

Your bridge to Gen Z

Quality and range

Valid and representative test results for Generation Z.

Optimisation input

Understand whether or how well your (planned) communication reaches Gen Z.


We put your Gen-Z-Check result in relation to other tests and show you how well your stimulus performs in benchmarking.

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