YouGov FreeWall® for publishers

Content monetization with engaging ads

Sustainable digital monetization for your publishing content, without limitations of paywall subscriptions.

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Sustainable monetization

Generate sustainable ad revenue while also guaranteeing attention to your content. YouGov FreeWall® sits on top of your premium content, locking it like a paywall, encouraging readers to unlock great content for free with their engagement – simply answering questions about and interacting with a brand.

Impactful ad models

YouGov FreeWall® has been used by major publishers for over five years.

Tried and tested digital advertising, FreeWall® offers you:

  • Audience insights
  • Advertisers excited by 100% viewability, high engagement and brand recall
  • No adverse effect on search rankings
  • Audiences engaged with your content
  • Robust technology with 100% up-time since launch
  • Ad-served implementation - no development work required to go live
  • Seamless integration alongside existing monetisation strategies
  • Fully compatible with existing ad-tech and programmatic stacks
  • Equal yield across desktop and mobile devices

Maximize your audience

Solve your monetization challenges and maximize your audience. Offer your audience fewer ads and faster page loads.

Stop struggling for adequate revenue per user on free access models or limiting your audiences with paywalls that often result in low subscription rates. Maintain large audiences and generate higher revenue per user with one solution.


YouGov FreeWall® works for publishers, advertisers and audiences

Sustainable monetization

Ad revenue that doesn’t limit your audience

Engaged audiences

One engagement per week for free, premium content

Excite advertisers

100% viewability, high engagement and brand recall

Why YouGov?

You’re in good company. Join the top brands that use YouGov FreeWall.

How Neuro-Insight proved the efficacy of interactive ads versus traditional advertising using YouGov FreeWall.

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