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Monitor what the world thinks of your team, boosting your brand strength to be top of the league.

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Become a power brand on the global sports scene. Hundreds of major teams compete in a lucrative marketplace. Success is measured in more than just wins and losses. Brand strength is king.

Track public perception using our 16 brand-style metrics, measuring key business drivers against the rest of the league, within a geographic region, or amongst any defined audience segment.

Sponsors want to know if their target customers are fans. Can you tell them – with current data?

Measured daily, with historic data, TeamIndex tells you precisely where you’ve been and where you’re headed.


Unique data solutions for the sports industry

Instant global reach

Track audience perception of over 200 major sports teams, across multiple markets – daily and in real-time

Delight sponsors

Reliable intelligence on where your fans meet their target audience

Drive revenue

Enhance brand strength and revenue potential by capitalising on strengths and addressing shortcomings


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Join the game-changing sports businesses who use YouGov intelligence to stay on top.

“YouGov’s assistance and expertise have proved key in progressing insight for our Commercial team. The data provided is used in almost all our conversations with strategic partners, providing...

Tom Watson, Research & Insights Manager, Southhampton FC

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