The most searched car brands in the US for 2023 and Q1 2024
July 3rd, 2024, Janice Fernandes

The most searched car brands in the US for 2023 and Q1 2024

The recently released US Social Listening Report with data from YouGov Behavioral: Online Search & Social details the top 30 most searched auto brands in the US for all of 2023 and the first quarter of 2024. Interestingly, while rankings within the top 30 have shifted slightly, all the brands that held a position in 2023 remained within the top 30 during Q1 of 2024.

Using data from online searches and conversations, the report dives into the top auto brands across price points, brand reputation, and consumer sentiment.

  • Top 1-10: The top 10 most popular brands represent a mix of luxury, sporty, reliable, and electric options. These brands, often with a global presence, established reputations, and diverse vehicle offerings, occupy the mid-to-moderately high price range. Examples include Ford (rising from #2 in 2023 to #1 in Q1 2024), Tesla (going from #1 to #2), Toyota (#3), and BMW (#4).
  • Top 11-20: Moving down to positions 11-20, the focus shifts slightly. This tier encompasses brands with a wider price range (low to high). Examples include Lexus (#11, up from #16), Nissan (#12, up from #14), Ferrari (#13, up from #17 in 2023), Jeep (#16, falling from #13 last year) and Acura (#20, up from #25).
  • Top 21-30: The final tier features a mix of luxury, premium offerings, performance vehicles, sporty options, and brands with a unique identity. These brands primarily cater to a high-end market, attracting buyers who prioritize prestige and distinctive driving experiences. Examples include GMC (#21, down from #19), Buick (#23, up from #21 in 2023) and Jaguar (#29, down three spots from #26).

One trend revealed by YouGov Signal data is Tesla's dominance in terms of online news mentions within the top 30 brands throughout 2023 and Q1 2024. This suggests a continued high level of public interest in the electric vehicle (EV) leader.

Among the top 30 brands, Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin generate the most positive sentiment throughout the analyzed period. This likely reflects their appeal to a niche audience of driving enthusiasts who prioritize aesthetics and a passionate driving experience. Notably, Aston Martin's longstanding association with James Bond appears may be a significant driver of positive brand perception.

Conversely, Infiniti stands out for generating the most negative sentiment. The online conversation surrounding the brand appears to focus on concerns regarding repair costs, vehicle defects, and issues with initial tires and dealership service.

Methodology: YouGov Behavioural: Online Search and Social combines A.I. with digital, social, survey and marketing data collected across 42 territories to create insights, recommendations, and strategies for our clients. We help discover your different audiences, track their demand for content, and market to them more efficiently.

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