How much does a consumer survey cost?
January 29th, 2024, YouGov

How much does a consumer survey cost?

YouGov’s menu of survey options offers marketers flexibility and robust quality at various price points. YouGov Surveys: Self-serve offers a budget-friendly and efficient way to conduct research. This article looks at factors influencing the cost calculation of surveys run via this platform, ensuring you can make informed decisions to maximize your research budget.

Understanding four key cost factors

  1. Audience targeting: The cost of your survey is influenced by the specificity of your target audience. General population surveys are typically more affordable, while targeting niche segments will increase the cost.
  2. Sample size: The number of respondents you wish to reach directly impacts the survey cost. The larger the sample size, the higher the cost.
  3. Question complexity and length: The number of questions fielded, and the complexity of these questions can alter the survey cost. For instance, incorporating a video increases costs, with charges applying per 30-second increments.
  4. Express turnaround option: If you need quick results, the express turnaround option is available at an additional cost. This option can deliver results in as little as one hour.

Leveraging YouGov's pricing calculator

YouGov provides a user-friendly pricing calculator that allows you to estimate your survey costs in real time. As you build your survey, the calculator adjusts the cost based on your choices regarding audience targeting, sample size, question complexity, and turnaround time. This tool enables you to maintain control over your budget throughout the survey creation process.

To give you a clearer picture of how pricing works, let's explore some practical examples. Imagine you're running a short, nationally representative survey to 200 respondents; this might cost around $300. However, if you target a specific generation, the cost might increase to $450. Targeting more niche groups, such as fish owners, could raise the price to $750 due to the lower incidence rate of this audience. Additionally, the complexity of your survey impacts the cost. For instance, a five-question survey to 250 respondents might start at $375, but expanding this to 20 questions for the same audience could increase the cost to about $900.

Maximizing your research budget

With YouGov Surveys: Self-serve, you can tailor your survey to meet your unique needs. Whether it's a short, general population survey or a more targeted approach, the platform offers flexibility to align with your marketing strategies and budget. Starting at competitive prices, it offers a practical solution for marketers looking to gain valuable consumer insights in a limited timeframe without overspending.

Understanding how to calculate the cost of your survey can help you make efficient choices. YouGov's platform and pricing calculator further simplify this process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - gaining the insights needed to drive your marketing efforts forward.