Four ways that YouGov Self-serve is helping brands run better campaigns in 2024
February 1st, 2024, YouGov

Four ways that YouGov Self-serve is helping brands run better campaigns in 2024

If you’re like us, you’re determined to use this year to right the marketing wrongs of 2023. Here are four ways brands around the world are doing the same by using YouGov Self-serve – our fully self-serviced survey platform – to get off to a flying start.

  1. Test before you spend – For as little as £120, you can test your campaign ideas. We tested Cadbury’s recent ad (A Drum Ad of the Day campaign) with consumers to see how it lands. You (and Cadbury) might be surprised by what they said.
  2. Build better pitches - Uncover original, actionable insights on the audience your client or stakeholder wants to reach. To demonstrate this in action, as brands jump into the VR headset space with high profile new launches at CES and beyond, we used Self-serve to understand what consumers want from a VR headset.
  3. Understand what your competitors’ customers see and why they turn to them, rather than you - With YouGov Self-serve, you can reach an almost infinite amount of audience segments and one of the best ways to use this capability is to ask questions to your competitors’ customers. We put ourselves in the shoes of a social media ad exec and asked British customers of X/Twitter what they think of the platform and its ad experience. Here’s what we found.
  4. Data-informed product development – We’re not in charge of putting new products on the shelves. But what if there really IS a market for cheese-flavored ketchup, like Hannah in accounts says? And what if people would actually subscribe to a cat-based Netflix? And what if credit card companies rewarded you with snacks, rather than airmiles? We found out.