FIFA announces a six-country World Cup – what do consumers think?
January 15th, 2024, Christien Pheby

FIFA announces a six-country World Cup – what do consumers think?

FIFA announced last year that the 2030 FIFA Men’s World Cup will be played across six countries and three continents. As part of its centennial celebrations, the opening three matches will be hosted in Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina, with the remainder taking place in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

But how do people feel about it? We polled consumers in 17 international markets and the answers varied heavily. On average, 23% support the idea, 19% are opposed, 34% think it will make no difference either way and 24% don’t know.

On a regional level, consumers in APAC and MENA-based markets like Indonesia (57%), India (52%), the UAE (52%), and Hong Kong (37%), were most supportive of the idea, although Singapore are an exception (22%).

German (10%), Swedish (11%), Danish (12%) and French (13%) consumers were less enthusiastic about it. The markets that have had a World Cup victory in our study – Germany (10%), France (13%), Italy (17%), and Spain (20%) – are less likely than the average (23%) to be enthusiastic about the idea, although Britons are an exception: 28% support the idea of a six-country World Cup.

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