Peloton partners with NBA and WNBA – What the numbers say
November 3rd, 2023, Kineree Shah

Peloton partners with NBA and WNBA – What the numbers say

Peloton, the NBA, and WNBA have announced a multi-year partnership, marking Peloton as the official fitness partner for both leagues. This collaboration promises potential, especially since two in five of Peloton's clientele are avid NBA enthusiasts (38%), compared to slightly more than one-tenth of the wider public (12%). Similarly, the WNBA piques the interest of 15% of Peloton customers, a notable increase from the general population's 4%.

However, when it comes to team support, interesting disparities emerge between Peloton customers and typical NBA fans. More than a third of Peloton’s current clientele who are also NBA fans favor the Los Angeles Lakers (36%), significantly higher than the general NBA fan population (21%). Similar patterns are seen for the New York Knicks (28% vs 12%), Brooklyn Nets (19% vs 7%), Los Angeles Clippers (20% vs 9%), and Philadelphia 76ers (16% vs 8%). Notably, the Golden State Warriors maintain consistent backing, drawing 16% support from both segments.

We also see differences in WNBA team affinity for Peloton Customers. Two in five Peloton customers who are WNBA fans support New York Liberty (43%), almost doubling the support from general WNBA fans (22%). Teams like the Los Angeles Sparks (30% vs 20%), Seattle Storms (27% vs 15%), Las Vegas Aces (25% vs 17%), and Washington Mystics (25% vs 14%) also see a higher support amongst Peloton customers than in the broader WNBA fan community.

When we spotlight favorite players, the narrative takes a slight shift. Stephen Curry and LeBron James are the preferred players of about a quarter of all NBA fans (27% and 24% respectively). Yet, among Peloton's clientele, these basketball titans are picked as favorites by a slightly smaller share (19%). Intriguingly, Nikola Jokic and Ja Morant enjoy more popularity among Peloton users, capturing 17% and 18% respectively, compared to 10% and 8% from the broader NBA audience. Meanwhile, both Kevin Durant (18% and 17%) and Giannis Antetokounmpo (11% and 13%) maintain nearly consistent admiration across both groups.

When considering attitudes, there's a notable variation in the perspectives of Peloton users compared to NBA and WNBA fans regarding sponsorships and discounts. For instance, three-quarters of Peloton users feel that being sports enthusiasts should grant them special discounts from brands affiliated to their favorite teams (74%). This belief is shared by 56% of NBA fans and 67% of WNBA followers. Additionally, while nine in 10 of Peloton users are committed to exercising at least once a week (88%), the figure stands at about seven in 10 for NBA (71%) and WNBA fans (78%).

Exploring the role of social media and fitness tracking, approximately three in five Peloton users are inclined to compare themselves to fitness influencers on social platforms (62%). In comparison, this behavior is seen among two in five NBA aficionados (38%) and half of those following the WNBA (52%). 

The partnership between Peloton and the NBA/WNBA is underscored by overlaps and divergences in fan preferences and behaviors. While there's evident alignment in some areas, the data also uncovers unique nuances within each segment. The collaboration could potentially herald new avenues for engagement and outreach.

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