Inside the gaming arena – How PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo fare in player engagement
October 3rd, 2023, Kineree Shah

Inside the gaming arena – How PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo fare in player engagement

In the realm of gaming, engaging players is a game in itself. Among the top contenders, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo each have a distinct appeal to gamers. In this piece we define gamers as US adults who spend more than an hour weekly on PC or consoles. 

Let’s delve into how these gaming giants perform in moving gamers from Awareness to Consideration to Purchase Intent, guided by some insightful data from YouGov BrandIndex.


PlayStation excels in the Awareness stage with a score of 91.6%. The brand sees a Consideration score of 25.2, a transition marked by a 28% conversion rate.

But the narrative takes a favorable turn during the Purchase Intent stage. Out of those who considered, 29% of gamers show a genuine intent to make a purchase, reflecting a score of 7.4%.


Xbox also starts strong with an Awareness score of 89%. However, as we move to the Consideration stage, the figures dip to 16.1%, reflecting an 18% conversion rate.

The transition from Consideration to Purchase Intent sees a modest 15% conversion rate, reflecting a Purchase Intent score of 2.4%.


Nintendo steps into the arena with an Awareness score of 86.3%. Interestingly, it leads in the Consideration stage with a 43% conversion rate, marked by a score of 36.9%.

The real highlight is the Purchase Intent stage, where Nintendo showcases a robust 50% conversion rate, translating to a score of 18.3%. Perhaps the lower cost of the Switch compared to the other two platforms and the casual appeal of the games associated with the device gives Nintendo its edge.

Overall brand health

Diving deeper, it's interesting to evaluate how Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox fare across various facets of brand health. The six metrics at play here – Quality, Value, Impression, Reputation, Satisfaction, and Recommend – shed light on how these gaming juggernauts stand in the eyes of their audience.


Quality (whether a gamer considers a brand to represent good or poor quality): Nintendo establishes a solid footing with a score of 48.2. PlayStation follows closely with a score of 43.2, reflecting a good level of trust in the quality they brand delivers. Xbox, however, trails with a score of 24.6, hinting at a potential area of improvement.

Value (whether a gamer considers a brand to represent good or poor value for money): Here, PlayStation takes a slight lead with a score of 36.7, with Nintendo nipping at its heels with a score of 35.4. Xbox lags behind with a score of 15.9.

Impression (the overall impression gamers have of a brand): Interestingly, PlayStation tops this metric with a score of 50.6, indicating a favorable general impression among gamers. Nintendo and Xbox follow with scores of 44.1 and 31.2, respectively.

Reputation (whether a gamer would be proud or embarrassed to work for a brand): Nintendo leads with a score of 43.1, showcasing a robust reputation among gamers. PlayStation and Xbox trail with scores of 34.2 and 23.5, respectively.

Satisfaction (whether gamers are currently satisfied or dissatisfied with a brand): The race is quite close between PlayStation and Nintendo with scores of 36.2 and 35.8, respectively. Xbox, on the other hand, trails substantially with a score of 20.3.

Recommend (whether gamers would recommend a brand to friends and colleagues): PlayStation inches ahead slightly with a score of 42.3, with Nintendo just behind at 42.2. Xbox has a long road ahead with a score of 23.5, reflecting a lower likelihood of recommendations among gamers.

Our data reveals a closely fought battle between Nintendo and PlayStation across most metrics, showcasing strong brand health. Xbox, while holding a notable position in the gaming cosmos, has some strides to make in enhancing its brand perception and value proposition among US gamers.

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