Next Fan Up: Inside the next generation of NFL fans
September 7th, 2023, YouGov

Next Fan Up: Inside the next generation of NFL fans

As the 2023 season kicks off, the NFL wants to maintain and grow its popularity by ensuring the next generation embraces the sport.

The good news for the NFL is that more Americans aged 18-29 are interested in the league in 2023 than were in 2021. What’s driving this increased interest, and how do these younger, newer fans of the sport compare to mature NFL fans aged 30+?

This report explores the next gen of NFL fans, uncovering their favorite teams and players, their media consumption preferences, adoption of sports betting and other key trends.

Download the new report to learn:

  • How has the reputation of the NFL evolved over time?
  • What’s drawing younger NFL fans into the sport?
  • Which teams and players do NFL fans under 30 like most?
  • How, specifically, do younger and longer-term fans differ in their appetite for streaming games, spinoff lifestyle content, and various forms of gambling?