Great Britain: Insights into sunscreen purchasing habits
May 30th, 2023, Hoang Nguyen

Great Britain: Insights into sunscreen purchasing habits

Sunscreen plays a crucial role in shielding our skin against the sun’s damaging rays and helps prevent sunburn, premature aging and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

In this analysis, we explore the purchasing habits of consumers when it comes to sunscreen products, examining the factors they consider when selecting their sun protection and when they tend to purchase these products.

What people look for in sunscreen products

When choosing sunscreen products, British consumers who buy or use sunscreen products (I.e., sunscreen consumers) prioritize effective sun protection against UVB/UVA rays (58%)

Water-resistant or waterproof formulas are also important to 35% of sunscreen consumers, as these types of sunscreen products provide long-lasting protection during water-based activities or exercise.

Furthermore, consumers have their own preferences for how they apply sunscreen protection and that influences the specific product formulations they choose such as gels, lotions, or spray (26%).

Consumers in the UK also pay attention to their individual skin needs, with a notable portion concerned about skin sensitivity when it comes to sunscreen products (28%).

Special offers (30%) play a role in purchase decisions for many consumers, as they consider promotions and discounts when selecting sunscreen products. Brand recognition also influences shopping choices, with 15% of sunscreen consumers showing a preference for brand names they’re familiar with.

When do consumers buy sunscreen products?

Sunscreen consumers tend to purchase sunscreen products right before going on holiday (36%), ensuring they have adequate protection during their time away.

One in 10 also say they also purchase sunscreen while on holiday, such as at the airport or once they reach their vacation destination (10%).

Three in 10 sunscreen consumers say they shop for sun protection products when their current supply runs out, ensuring a continuous supply throughout the year.

Additionally, roughly a quarter (23%) of consumers buy sunscreen products as soon as they feel that summer has arrived. This subjective indicator aligns with the onset of warmer weather and increased sun exposure.

A share of UK consumers like to take advantage of off-season deals and discounts (17%). During periods of reduced demand, consumers stock up on sunscreen products at discounted prices, reflecting a cost-conscious approach to shopping.

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Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash