US: Top five health insurance providers
January 17th, 2023, Janice Fernandes

US: Top five health insurance providers

Despite healthcare expenses and drug prices continuing to soar across the United States, around 88% of American adults tell us they have health insurance. In this article, YouGov looks at the top five health insurance providers Americans choose to be covered by.

Recent data from YouGov Profiles reveals that nearly a quarter of Americans have chosen to be insured by Blue Cross Blue Shield (23%). The company, which operates in all 50 states and a few international locations, tops our list of the most popular healthcare providers – and by some margin.

United Healthcare, with its comprehensive range of services and plans, including in-app services, comes in second with 18% of American consumers choosing the company. After United, there is a long drop-off to third place.

Nearly one in ten consumers pick Aetna (9%), while slightly fewer say they have health insurance from Humana (7%).

Cigna (5%) closes the top five providers Americans have health insurance with.

Digging deeper into the data, we find that Americans are more likely to have insurance policies that cover just them individually (64%). Of those with individual coverage, 43% are covered by Medicare.

A third of healthcare policies cover dependent spouses (30%), and those who have that type of coverage get it through job-based plans (54%). Similarly, of those who have coverage for children under the age of 26, 60% get it through employee benefits.

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