Most Hotstar consumers are likely to continue their subscription in the absence of IPL & HBO shows
March 30th, 2023, Bhawna Singh

Most Hotstar consumers are likely to continue their subscription in the absence of IPL & HBO shows

2023 started with a huge setback for Disney+ Hotstar after it lost the digital rights of IPL 2023 to Viacom18. The news of HBO leaving the platform further triggered consumers some of whom are demanding refunds or threatening to quit the platform altogether.

Amidst news of a dipping subscriber base, YouGov data shows not all hope is lost for Disney+ Hotstar and most consumers are likely to continue with the platform.

At present, seven in ten (69%) of the surveyed respondents said either they or someone in their family has a Disney+ Hotstar subscription.

Of those who are subscribed to the platform (either owned or shared), a majority (58%) said they will continue their subscription and stream other content on the platform. Residents in South India were more likely to say this (at 63%) as compared to other regions of the country.

Under a fifth of all respondents (18%) said they will not renew their subscription this year. The remaining may either not take a new subscription (8%) or continue with a shared subscription (5%).

One in ten (10%) are unclear about their decision.

When asked about the types of content they will consume on Disney+ Hotstar in the absence of IPL & HBO shows, Hotstar Specials emerged as the most popular choice of subscribers/ shared subscribers and a majority (63%) said they will consume this content on the platform.

After Hotstar Specials, nearly half are keen to watch films released on the platform- either after their theatrical release (49%) or the ones exclusively released on Hotstar (46%).

Sports highlights (36%), regional films (31%), documentaries (29%), Star TV content (27%), and global TV shows (21%) are some of the other types of content that people may consume on the streaming platform.

Less than 5% of the current subscribers said they will switch to other platforms in the absence of IPL & HBO content, which is a very small percentage compared to the ones who will continue with the platform.

Commenting on this, Deepa Bhatia, General Manager, YouGov India, said, “YouGov data shows that although Hotstar might see some churn, the absence of popular content like live sports and international shows might not have a major impact on the brand’s overall health. There is a strong resonance among urban Indians towards original content on the platform- be it web series or films. Disney+ Hotstar may benefit from understanding the current needs and preferences of consumers and work towards a content strategy to retain and grow their subscriber base.”

*Data is from YouGov Omnibus ran in March 2023 and is based on a survey of 1050 urban Indian respondents