Do you eat meat like a Tasmanian or Victorian? And how attitudes to plant-based alternatives vary
January 25th, 2023, Samuel Tan

Do you eat meat like a Tasmanian or Victorian? And how attitudes to plant-based alternatives vary

Firing up the grills for an authentic Aussie barbie – think backyard barbeques of sausages, lamb and beef, pork and prawns, even kangaroo meat – is one of the true-blue ways of celebrating Australia Day on January 26.

But as mainstream awareness of the environmental and human health impact of eating meat grows, how are attitudes towards meat consumption and plant-based/vegetarian diets changing across the continent?

What proportion of Australians are looking to actively reduce their meat consumption?

Latest data from YouGov Profiles reveals that as of January 2023, almost two in five Australians say they are actively trying to reduce their meat consumption (39%). In contrast, over a third are not (36%), while a quarter are undecided about altering their level of meat consumption (25%).

Analysing by state, reveals that Australians keen on reducing their meat intake are most likely to reside in New South Wales (42%) and South Australia (41%) – where more than two in five are actively trying to eat less meat – and least likely to reside in Tasmania (28%).

How open are Australians to substituting their meat products for plant-based alternatives?

Data from YouGov Profiles also shows that less than two in five Australians are open to substituting meat products they consume with plant-based alternatives (38%). A slightly larger proportion of Australians are currently unwilling to shift to mock meat (41%), with about one in five (21%) presently undecided.

Australians open to vegetarian alternatives are most likely to reside in South Australia (41%) and the more urban states of New South Wales and Victoria (both 40%). In contrast, residents of Australia’s top beef producing state of Queensland, and of Tasmania where agriculture is a major industry, are least likely to be open to moving to plant-based versions of traditional meat products (33% and 31% respectively).

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Methodology: YouGov Profiles is based on continuously collected data and rolling surveys, rather than from a single limited questionnaire. Data for this study used a nationally representative sample of 4,840 Australian adults (aged 18+ years) weighted by age, gender, and region. Learn more about Profiles.

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