Digital exclusion is an issue for many in Norway
January 10th, 2023, Tove Keldsen

Digital exclusion is an issue for many in Norway

2 in 5 Norwegians have had issues ordering or paying for an item in the past year. And even more Norwegians have someone they help online.

YouGov has carried out a study for the Consumer Council in Norway on the issue of digital exclusion.


More than 2 in 5 (43%) say that they have people in their close family or social circle whom they regularly help order or pay for goods and services. 38% say that they themselves had severe issues buying or paying for goods and services last year.

The large share of Norwegians experiencing difficulties implies that this is not only an issue for the most vulnerable groups. The study also shows that many young people had digital issues last year. The problems are particularly large among groups of consumers who do not use BankID, Vipps, QR code readers, or PCs/tablets with internet access or a smartphone.

The challenges are roughly the same across different sectors. While health services, public welfare services, and transport services are perceived as somewhat more difficult.

Lack of interest and digital competence and the fear of making mistakes are the most important reasons why consumers give up using digital services to order or pay for goods and services. Some prefer to pay in cash because or they don’t wish to be tracked.

The report from the Norwegian Consumer Council can be downloaded here

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