Banks offer a better digital experience than streaming services and tech companies, say consumers
October 5th, 2022, Christien Pheby

Banks offer a better digital experience than streaming services and tech companies, say consumers

According to data from YouGov Global Profiles, by 38% to 24%, consumers agree that banks try to trick them out of their money, and by 43% to 24%, they agree that all banks are the same. But let’s not assume public perceptions of banks are uniformly negative: data from our multi-market international PR survey shows that banks are the organisations that consumers are most likely to say provide a “good digital experience” (46%). They're more likely to provide a good experience than streamers, tech manufacturers - which encompass phone manufacturers, the makers of video game consoles, and other generalists - and telco providers.

Breaking it down more specifically, streaming companies (34%) come in a distant second to banks – which, given that the digital experience is the be-all and end-all for streamers, could be seen as a rather damning verdict – while cell phone companies come a little behind in third (33%). Of the provided list, car brands (14%) and sports events (16%) are least likely to provide a satisfying online experience for customers. Tech companies are somewhere in the middle of the pack (25%).


On a market-by-market level, consumers are most likely to say they’re happy with the experience provided by their banks in Indonesia (54%), Singapore (53), Great Britain (53%) and Canada (52%). French (36%) and Swedish (38%) consumers are the least keen on their banks’ online offerings.


We can perhaps attribute the stronger performance of banks to the fact that online banking has been – particularly in financial hubs such as Britain, Singapore, and the US – ubiquitous for some time now. Ask people whether or not they’re uncomfortable using online banking, for example, and Global Profiles data shows that just 27% agree, with 44% in dissent and 30% saying they neither agree nor disagree.

In some markets, we can certainly put this down to a growing acceptance of mobile banking. Looking at data from the September 23, 2018 version of YouGov Profiles in Great Britain, for example, shows that 19% of people said they used their mobile banking/banking app every day, while 44% said they “never” used it. But by September 25 2022, 26% said they used it every day – and the proportion who said they “never” used their mobile or app for banking fell to 27%.

A mark of growing consumer willingness, to be sure – but perhaps also an indicator of the industry’s progress in this area.


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