Exploring Gen Z Travellers in Singapore & Indonesia
August 15th, 2022, Carmen Yew

Exploring Gen Z Travellers in Singapore & Indonesia

74% of Gen Z consumers in APAC are planning to travel in the next 12 months. This generation will form its attitudes towards travel in the next few years, and it is incredibly important for marketers to get to know, and monitor their travel preferences as they work on their planning; the positive associations their brands will be able to create today, will result in building engagement, trust and purchase in years to come.

In this infographic, we explore:

  • Plans to travel in the next 12 months (Domestic vs International)
  • Key barriers to travel
  • Top destination for Gen Z travellers
  • Reason for choice of destination
  • Methods of booking for holidays
  • Where do Gen Z travellers get information from
  • Types of holiday Gen Zs prefer

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The data from Global Travel Profiles used in this study is based on the interviews of 25,818 adults aged 18 and over across 25 countries in April 2022. All interviews were conducted online, and the results are nationally representative. The countries in the poll include Australia, France, Germany, India, the UK, the US, China, Sweden, Indonesia, Canada, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Finland, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, and the Philippines. Learn more about Global Travel Profiles.