A quarter of British sports gamblers have bet on the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022
July 26th, 2022, Rishad Dsouza

A quarter of British sports gamblers have bet on the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022

Nearly a quarter of sports bettors (23%) in Britain say they have placed a bet on the Women’s Euro 2022, a fresh study conducted on July 23 finds.

Sports bettors in this piece are defined as those who have placed bets on a sporting event in the past 12 months.

Looking specifically at those who bet on the Women’s Euro 2022, two-fifths have bet between £1-£5 on the tournament so far (41%), while just under a fifth of them have wagered between £6-£10 (17%). The £11-£25 bracket has attracted bets from 12% of those who placed bets, and 18% of them have taken punts worth between £26-£50.

There is a substantial appetite among British sports gamblers to place bets during the final and semi-finals, with a fifth of punters indicating as much – 7% say they are “very likely” to do so, and 14% say they are “somewhat likely”.

To put these numbers in context, we also look at the share of sports bettors who say they will place bets during the FIFA World Cup 2022. Overall, the group is more than twice as likely to say they are very likely or somewhat likely to bet on the marquee event, which will kick off in Qatar in November (45%).

These numbers could rise further as we get closer to the FIFA World Cup. While seemingly dwarfed by betting intentions around the FIFA World Cup, the figures achieved by the Women’s Euro 2022 are nothing to sneeze at - the FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest global sporting events in the world. And the Women’s Euro 2022 semi-final and final could provide a good opportunity for betting providers to sign up new customers ahead of what is likely to be a more competitive landscape for customer acquisition come the FIFA World Cup and the start of the new Premier League season.

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Methodology: YouGov polled 1500 British adults online on July 23-July 24 between 4:29pm and 7:16am BST. The survey was carried out through YouGov Direct. Data is weighted by age, gender, education level, region, and social grade. Results are nationally representative of adults in Great Britain. The margin of error is 2.5% for the overall sample. The sports bettors sample size amounted to 349 adults. Learn more about YouGov Direct.