Report: The Changing Financial Landscape in Singapore
June 29th, 2022, Carmen Yew

Report: The Changing Financial Landscape in Singapore

Find out what are the top concerns of Singaporeans while using services from digital-only banks. YouGov's latest local report, 'The Changing Financial Services Landscape in Singapore', explores trends in finance activities, the top concerns in digital finance services in Singapore and more.

The report covers:

  • Top financial activities in the next 12 months
  • Is contactless the future of payments?
  • How likely are Singaporeans to make purchases with Buy now, Pay later plans
  • Trust in financial institutions
  • Sustainable finance trends

Download our mini report to learn more about the changing financial services landscape in Singapore.

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The insights in this report are drawn from a recent global YouGov Custom Research survey on the future of financial services and, specifically, exploring evolving trends in the financial services industry and the future financial services landscape, covering 18 global markets of more than 20,000 respondents. Our survey results were further bolstered by connecting respondent level data to YouGov’s proprietary syndicated data solutions, YouGov Profiles, allowing us to merge our respondents and their answers to the 100,000s consumer attributes that we collect on an ongoing basis for audience segmentation and profiling. Our survey was fielded the week of 15th December – 30th December 2021. The YouGov panel provides a naturally accurate and representative view of the population. Data is adjusted using a mild weighting team using interlocking demographic characteristics—methodology considered advanced in the market research space. For this report series the following population representation was used: