Japan reopens to holidaymakers: Who in Singapore is most likely to visit and where to advertise?
May 31st, 2022, Samuel Tan

Japan reopens to holidaymakers: Who in Singapore is most likely to visit and where to advertise?

Japan is reopening its borders to travellers from 98 countries and regions next month, after being closed to foreign tourists since 2020. From June 10, visitors on guided tours from territories on its “blue” list, such as Singapore can enter the kingdom without undergoing on-arrival tests or serving quarantine.

Latest data from YouGov DestinationIndex shows that Japan is by far the top travel destination on the minds of consumers in Singapore. Almost half say they would consider visiting Japan for their next vacation (49%), while one-third or more are considering Taiwan (39%) and South Korea (33%).

Younger consumers are also more likely to consider travelling to Japan for their next holiday. More than two in three consumers aged 16-24 and almost three in five consumers aged 25-34 would consider vacationing in Japan for their next overseas trip, compared to around half of consumers aged 35-54. Meanwhile, consumers aged 55 and older are almost half as likely as 16–24-year-olds to consider holidaying in Japan (37%).

Where are travel advertisements most effective in targeting consumers in Singapore considering Japan for their next trip?

Latest data from YouGov Global Travel Profiles also reveals that consumers who are considering visiting Japan are significantly more likely than the general population to say that travel advertising on social media and travel websites grabs their attention.

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Methodology: YouGov DestinationIndex collects data on hundreds of destinations around the world every day. All data are collected over a 4-week period and rounded to the nearest whole number. Learn more about YouGov DestinationIndex.

YouGov Global Travel Profiles tracks consumer demand and attitudes worldwide towards travel across 25 markets, which is collected daily and updated bi-weekly. It offers a holistic view of the global travel market, including granular insights on brand consideration, preferred locations, booking methods, accommodation and transportation preferences. Learn more about YouGov Global Travel Profiles.