Profile Peek: Super Snackers in America
May 11th, 2022, YouGov

Profile Peek: Super Snackers in America

During the pandemic, worldwide snack consumption grew across all categories. In the United States specifically, 64% of consumers say they snack between meals.

Using YouGov Profiles, a proprietary audience profiling and segmentation platform collecting data on 400,000 variables from 350,000 panelists, marketers and researchers can get a deeper understanding of super snackers, defined as the 18% of Americans who say they definitely agree that they often snack between meals.

Our latest Profile Peek sheds light on key demographic, attitudinal and, behavioral patterns of the super snackers in the US, identifying how to connect with them via media and advertising, and sharing insights on their buying patterns. This analysis gives brand researchers and advertisers quick and actionable insights into this subset of US consumers, who in addition to consuming more chips, cookies, and crackers than the average American also will more likely engage with an advertisement they consume on social media.

The free Profile Peek also provides a unique perception into frequent snackers, including their:

  • Demographic makeup
  • Weekly snacks consumed
  • Reasons for snacking
  • Preferred advertising methods and social networks

Download the full Profile Peek to discover more about super snackers in America.