Global: Where are consumers most likely to buy a financial product?
April 25th, 2022, Christien Pheby

Global: Where are consumers most likely to buy a financial product?

Research from YouGov Global Profiles shows that 38% of consumers across every market in our database intend to purchase a financial product in the next six months. This varies somewhat between regions. In MENA and APAC, for example, nearly half of the public (48% in both) are likely to buy a financial product in the next six months; in the Americas, it’s closer to three in ten (30%); and in Europe, it amounts to just a fifth of the public (22%).

But what kinds of products are they likely to buy?

Our data shows that the group who are more keen to purchase a financial product are more likely to look for profitable ways to invest (77% vs. 61% on average), more likely to take risks in the stock market (46% vs. 31%), and more likely to say they don’t mind taking risks with their money (54% vs. 38%). In a very broad sense, then, investment products – and active investment products in particular – may be a solid bet for providers targeting this group. New savings accounts could also go down well: 75% vs. 66% are planning to save more money next year.

Cryptocurrency – an area of increasing controversy – could also be appealing. People who plan to buy a financial product in the next half-year are significantly more likely to believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of online financial transactions (47% vs. 37%), and more likely to say they’d be willing to give up their bank account and use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or other coins instead (22% vs. 15%). Companies looking to sell financial advice might also benefit from targeting this group: 41% say they don’t make financial decisions without talking to a professional compared to 34% of the global population on average.

This is just a brief overview of some of the variables available in our Global Profiles dataset, which can provide in-depth, market by market knowledge to help financial service providers better target consumers who intend to buy financial products in the next year.


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