US: Is Gen Z more inclined towards genetically modified food?
January 5th, 2022, Janice Fernandes

US: Is Gen Z more inclined towards genetically modified food?

Discussions over the pros and cons of genetically modified food have been raging for decades now, but what do generations of US adults have to say about it now they’ve had that time to consider – and even taste – the options?

When asked whether they agree or disagree with the statement: I don’t buy food that is genetically modified, a new analysis reveals that, overall, the US public is almost evenly split - 43% do buy GM produce, while 39% do not. However, a notable share of Americans aren’t sure, with about one in five saying that they neither agree nor disagree with the statement. That’s perhaps an indication that many Americans can no longer be sure whether their diet contains GMOs or not.

When we looked deeper, an interesting generational trend emerged. Younger Americans are more inclined to buy modified foods, with slightly more than half of Gen Z (53%) indicating that they do so. This figure shrinks in each generation and conversely, the percentage of those who say they don’t by GM grows, rising from 30% among Gen Z to 46% among the Silent Generation.

When separated by gender, the data shows that overall men are more inclined towards buying genetically modified food than women (46% vs. 40% who disagree with the statement).

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