Who is a regular streamer in Saudi Arabia?
September 14th, 2021, Bhawna Singh

Who is a regular streamer in Saudi Arabia?

Data from YouGov profiles shows Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the kingdom, with highest consumption coming from the youngest adults

Data from YouGov Profiles, a proprietary audience profiling and segmentation platform, shows the youngest adults, popularly known as GenZ (those between 18-24 years), are the most regular users of streaming services in the kingdom, with more than seven in ten (72%) of them claiming to use any catch-up or streaming service on a regular basis.

The data reveal an inverse relationship between generational age and on-demand streaming. After GenZ, millennials appear to be regular consumers of streaming services (69%), followed by GenX (61%) and Baby Boomers (45%).

Netflix appears to be the most popular streaming service in Saudi Arabia and nearly two in five (37%) residents claim to use it, with usage notably higher among younger adults. Compared to the online population in the country, nearly three in five GenZ streamers claim to use Netflix (59% GenZ vs 37% online rep). Millennials are not far behind and more than half claim to use this service (56% millennials vs 37% online rep).

Consumption of other popular streaming platforms is also much higher among these young adults. The data show compared to the online population, millennial streamers are heavier consumers of Amazon Prime (19% millennials vs 11% online rep) and Shahid.net (24% vs 15%).

Meanwhile, platforms that are less widely used by the online population, such as STARZPLAY (only 7% online rep vs. 13% in GenZ) and ICFLIX (6% online rep, but 10% GenZ), see a heavier consumption among GenZ streamers.

Taking a closer look at the attitudes and behaviors of these active streamers we see that half of GenZ streamers (50%) agree with the statement, ‘Live TV is a thing of the past’, holding this view more strongly than millennials (46%).

The millennial streamers are more likely than the online population to say streaming services have changed TV watching for them (48% vs 39%). GenZ appears to share this view less strongly - at 43%.

Raised in an age of technology, GenZ are native streamers and tend to be opinion formers when it comes to streaming. Their influence on changing viewing habits cannot be underestimated. Nearly half of GenZ streamers (49%) claim people reach out to them regarding suggestions for new music, movies, and TV shows.

When it comes to attitudes towards watching films, nearly a quarter of GenZ streamers say they prefer to watch movies via pay-to-own or pay-to-view streaming services (23% Gen Z vs 14% online rep). However, watching films in cinemas or theatres is their top preference (28% vs 18%).

It is fairly evident that the younger generation is used to having media “on-demand” and this presents a huge opportunity for streaming services. Using these amongst many more granular insights about audiences through YouGov Profiles, marketers and researchers can understand exactly what these media consumers are looking for, where to reach them, and much more.

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