Johnson & Johnson sees rise in Recommendations following vaccine approval
August 24th, 2021, Cheryl Kar

Johnson & Johnson sees rise in Recommendations following vaccine approval

Earlier this year, Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot Janssen vaccine for COVID-19 was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use.

Data from YouGov BrandIndex US shows that Johnson & Johnson’s Recommendation score (which measures if consumers would recommend the brand to a friend or colleague) has seen a healthy rise since May of this year. After seeing a dip from 12.4 to 9.0 between May 1 – 4, this score climbed to 14.6 (+5.6) on July 20. As of August 15, its Recommendation score sits at 11.7.

Current Customer scores, which measures if consumers have used any product of the brand in the last 30 days, jumped from 8.8 to 12.1 between May 5 to August 15. The pharma giant also received approval from the FDA in July regarding Janssen vaccine’s extended shelf life to six months which can prevent any of its surplus vaccine doses from going to waste and encourage more members of the public to opt for it.

Looking at Johnson & Johnson’s Word of Mouth metric over the last year shows strong growth kicking off from January 2021. The metric, which measures if consumers have talked about the brand with friends and family in the past two weeks, sat at 14.9 in August 2020 but reached its peak through May 2021 with a score of 51.3 (+37.4). And though it saw a decline in June, the scores have stabilized in August (36.3: August 1; 37.2: August 9; 37.3: August 15).

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