How YouGov measured a 73% boost in brand awareness for Molson Coors following Netflix feature
July 20th, 2021, Emily Patel

How YouGov measured a 73% boost in brand awareness for Molson Coors following Netflix feature

The business challenge

Investigate the impact on brand awareness after featuring in Netflix’s Cobra Kai.

The solution

Retrospective analysis using YouGov’s living data to understand how show viewers’ attitudes changed.

Business outcomes

Molson Coors identified a 73% increase in brand awareness for Coors Banquet.

Business challenge

Multinational drinks company Molson Coors needed to track the impact of their Coors Banquet beer being featured organically in the Netflix series Cobra Kai.

Molson Coors wanted to know the exact effect of this exposure on their brand awareness amongst viewers of the show. They needed a clear, accurate and historical brand health analysis to confirm the value of the exposure, and inform strategy on future brand
sponsorships and partnerships.

Solution & approach

Molson Coors used the living data from YouGov’s connected tools, YouGov Profiles and YouGov BrandIndex, to directly measure brand awareness of their product amongst show viewers.

This powerful combined audience intelligence solution draws on authentic insights from YouGov’s 26 million+ registered panel members, and builds a complete portrait of consumers, and closely monitors how they respond to brand communications and campaigns.

First, YouGov Profiles was used to quickly identify Molson Coors’ target audience, examining their media consumption habits to determine which were viewers and non-viewers of Cobra Kai.

Then, YouGov BrandIndex was utilized to run a retrospective analysis on awareness for Coors Banquet amongst Cobra Kai viewers in comparison to non-viewers. With over 14 years of historical data across numerous brands, YouGov BrandIndex enabled Molson Coors to comprehensively track brand awareness levels, both before and after product exposure via the show.

Business outcomes

YouGov’s Living Data definitively showed that brand awareness for Coors Banquet was 73% higher among viewers of Cobra Kai compared to those who hadn’t watched the series (time was measured across the previous year).

Molson Coors recognized that YouGov’s robust, accurate intelligence gave them a depth of analysis that other data services didn’t. The company now uses both YouGov BrandIndex and YouGov Profiles across multiple brands and business units. YouGov continuously informs the wider business planning, execution of strategic goals, and new sponsorship opportunities of Molson Coors.

Client testimonial

"Being able to tap into YouGov’s suite of products allowed us to evaluate and directly attribute the increase in brand awareness for Coors Banquet to its exposure in the Cobra Kai series on Netflix. Using YouGov BrandIndex for brand health tracking, combined with YouGov Profiles for consumer media behaviors, unlocked a powerful insight that we would not have been able to get otherwise.”

- Matt Slater, Senior Manager, Marketing Insights at Molson Coors

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