YouGov launches ‘Collaborate’: an innovative digital first tool for faster consumer insights
August 12th, 2020, Kim Ho

YouGov launches ‘Collaborate’: an innovative digital first tool for faster consumer insights

YouGov Collaborate, the new online survey platform powered by YouGov's proprietary panel with a strong record for data accuracy and research expertise.

YouGov, world's leading market research and data company, today announced the launch of YouGov Collaborate, an online survey platform, which allows you to create, customise and collaborate on your fast-turnaround research requirements and helps build a completely new way for businesses to reach the right people to gain valuable insights.

This new tool gives customers unprecedented control by enabling them to access best research practices, a simple-to-follow process and get the support of a YouGov researcher for accurate and fast results, saving businesses weeks of time and making it a cost effective option for them.

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The tool helps the customers to make their own customised surveys and run it through the proprietary panel of YouGov to get results as fast as 2 working days from launch on our twice-weekly nationally representative surveys, accessible on YouGov’s data visualisation tool called Crunch.

Talking about the new product, Jake Gammon, Head of Data Service, YouGov APAC, said, “Given our volatile times, businesses need to ensure they have their consumers opinions in a timely manner. We at YouGov, always strive to provide our customers with fast, easy and affordable tools to help them make better decisions and help inform their strategies with accurate reliable consumer data. With YouGov Collaborate, our customers will have an always-on tool that helps them use our expertise and will be able to quickly and economically target the right people to capture relevant data.”

YouGov enables companies to tap into some of the highest-quality respondents in the industry. Further, YouGov's panel is recognised as one of the industry's best, so customers can be sure they are reaching real people who genuinely want to share their opinions.

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