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What The British Want From Loyalty Programmes 2.0 – White Paper Case study

Mando-Connect partners with brands to design market leading partnerships and rewards programmes informed by the smart use of cutting-edge data and insight.Thought leadership is a core part of the agency’s commitment to adding value to clients by continuously analysing current and upcoming trends in the market. Mando-Connect used YouGov’s Profiles and Real Time solutions to produce a new whitepaper with an up to date look at loyalty, partnerships and rewards.

In June 2018 Mando Connect worked in partnership with YouGov to produce a whitepaper looking at ‘What the British think of Loyalty Programmes’.

Much has changed in the loyalty landscape in the past two years and to build on the success of the last whitepaper there was a need to present how this has changed and what this looks like in 2020.

Working collaboratively with YouGov, Mando-Connect used Profiles to carry out a deep dive into audiences in Britain to analyse what they think about loyalty programmes, their current behaviours, which programmes they are members of and what they would like to see in the future.

To add to the existing data in Profiles, Mando-Connect also commissioned a RealTime survey to ask bespoke additional loyalty questions to a national representative sample of the population. This enabled them to plug that data into Profiles and explore the survey questions through different lenses across the 260,000 variables in Profiles.

Key findings of the report showed:

  • British people are still major fans of loyalty programmes. 76% are members of programmes, 52% think all brands should offer a programme and 73% think loyalty programmes are a great way for brands and businesses to reward customers.
  • Loyalty programmes have a very positive impact on customer behaviour as well. 47% are more loyal as a result of membership, 39% will recommend a brand more, 43% will spend more and 33% feel more emotionally connected.
  • The report also showed which types of consumers engage (and which don’t), loyalty membership by sector and the types of rewards which motivate sign up.

The RealTime survey data also showed that:

  • The most important component of a loyalty programme is to get right is rewards. 69% of British people think the rewards and benefits a programme offers are important (vs only 45% who think the membership experience is important).
  • Rewards from partner brands are 10% more appealing than rewards from the brand offering the programme.

The RealTime survey also helped Mando-Connect identify the most appealing loyalty mechanics and what other factors are important to Brits in 2020 – such as the rising importance of loyalty programmes helping good causes and the environment.

Mando-Connect were able to effectively combine Profiles and RealTime data for much greater insight and depth when compared with the previous whitepaper. This new whitepaper has provided loyalty providers and partners with valuable insight into ‘What the British want from loyalty programmes in 2020’ to help inform the development of their programmes to better meet the needs of consumers.

Client Testimonial

We are delighted to have partnered with YouGov for the second time to explore what the British want from loyalty programmes in 2020. The combination of YouGov Profiles and RealTime enabled us to really understand the loyalty landscape, ask the pressing questions of the moment and uncover brand new robust insight to share with the industry. We are absolutely delighted with the results and YouGov have, as ever, been an absolute pleasure to work with. Andrew and Joe are really proactive in managing the relationship with Mando-Connect and have really helped us shape and deliver the research for maximum benefit and impact.

Charlie Hills, MD, Mando Connect

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Mando-Connect is a smart, loyalty specialist, brand partnerships and rewards agency, devoted to producing brilliant data-fuelled partnerships that drive results across the UK, Europe and the globe. Their custom built, award-winning, Partnership Engine™ enables them to create partnerships and rewards that deliver significant value.

Solution Delivered by: YouGov Profiles and RealTime

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