EasyJet seen as best value airline among budget beach-holiday bookers
August 31st, 2018, Amelia Brophy

EasyJet seen as best value airline among budget beach-holiday bookers

While Singapore Airlines is the more recommended carrier

New research from YouGov indicates that EasyJet has maintained its position as the best value for money airline among budget beach-holiday bookers.

YouGov’s Airline Report reveals that among GB adults, EasyJet has a Value score (does a brand provide good or bad value for money?) of +39, down just 1 point from 2017.


This puts the brand well ahead of Jet2 (+23) and Flybe (+10). The latter has made a gain of 10 points compared to the previous year. The top five is rounded off by Thomas Cook (+10) and Virgin Atlantic (+9).

Singapore Airlines is most recommended

Elsewhere, Singapore Airlines has the highest Recommend Score (would you recommend the brand to a friend or colleague or tell them to avoid the brand?). It has a rating of +67, ahead of Emirates which follows closely behind on +65, Air New Zealand (+57), Norwegian Air (+55) and Etihad Airways (+52). For this metric, YouGov only included answers from those that had travelled with the airline.


It is a similar story when we look at the Satisfaction rankings. On this metric (would you say you are a satisfied or dissatisfied customer of a brand?) Singapore Airlines once again tops the list, this time with a score of +90, which is an improvement of 4 points.

Air New Zealand is in second place on this front, with a score of +88. It has seen great improvement, with its rating jumping by 12 points. Virgin Atlantic is third with a score of +83, ahead of Emirates (+82) and Cathay Pacific (81%).

BA still top on Impression Score

Despite experiencing some difficulties over the past couple of years, BA just about hangs on top spot in terms of Impression score among the general public (do you have a positive or negative impression of a brand). However, it now shares first place with Virgin Atlantic, with both companies lock on +29. British Airways has in fact seen its score decline by 13 points since 2017.


Following closely behind the top two is Emirates (+28), which is quite a way ahead of Qantas (+18) and Singapore Airlines (+17).

EasyJet appears to have escaped the crises that have taken hold at budget-airline rival Ryanair, and remains in a healthy position in the industry. We can expect increased competition from Jet2 on this front, as the carrier expands and continues to invest in its marketing efforts.

Elsewhere, Singapore Airlines maintains its very strong showing, achieving the magic combination of high satisfaction and recommendation levels. With word of mouth still vital to an airline’s success, the carrier is well-placed to capitalise.

To download the full report, click here.

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