If Malaysians were to rename the “Hotdog”
November 2nd, 2016, YouGov

If Malaysians were to rename the “Hotdog”

If Malaysia were to rename the “Hotdog”, do you know how Malaysians would do it?

While it is no longer an issue, there was news recently announcing that food outlets in Malaysia were required to rename “Hotdogs” or risk being refused a halal certification either upon application or renewal. YouGov, as the leading global market research firm decided to look into this as it was happening and has conducted an online survey from the 21st to 24th of October 2016, to investigate how Malaysians would prefer if they had to rename “hotdogs” to something else.

9 out of 10 Muslims only go to halal-certified restaurants when dining out

Among the 941 people that YouGov polled in Malaysia, over 60% are Muslim. 9 out of 10 of Muslim respondents say they only visit halal certified restaurants when they dine out. This result clearly shows the importance for halal certification when it comes to attracting Muslim customers. In terms of whether Muslims feel that there are enough halal certified restaurants? The results show that 71% feel that there are already enough halal certified restaurants in the country whereas 20% feel that there could be more.

According to over half of all Malaysians, “Sausages” are the most popular alternative term to “Hotdogs”

When it comes to how to rename “Hotdogs”, “Sausages” outpaces all other alternatives commonly seen in Malaysia. Over half of all respondents prefer the name “Sausages” at 52%, while 13% of respondents prefer “Pretzel Sausages” and 12% prefer the name “Frankfurters”.

6 out of 10 Malaysians think renaming “Hotdogs” would not make a difference in the public eye

Do Malaysians really care about renaming “Hotdogs”? Interestingly, almost 60% of the overall respondents think renaming “Hotdogs” would not make a difference in the public eye (with 43% saying “no, not at all” and 16% saying “no, not really”). 22% of respondents think renaming “Hotdogs” might matter (“Maybe”). 19% of respondents think the renaming exercise would make a difference (with 11% saying “yes, probably” and only 8% saying “yes, definitely”).

Chili sauce is the most popular “Hotdog” condiment in Malaysia

Do you know what the most popular dressings or condiments for “Hotdogs” in Malaysia are? 7 out of 10 respondents chose chili sauce as their favorite “Hotdog” condiment. Cheese takes the second place at (61%), followed closely by mayonnaise (60%), then mustard (44%) and onions (41%).

*Data from the research was collected among YouGov’s panelists during 21st to 24th October 2016 and was weighted to be representative of the online population. Sample size: Malaysia n=941 (with 53% male and 47% female)

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