Understand your audience

Know what your audience thinks

Leverage 20 years of Living Consumer Intelligence and advanced analytics technology to create a 360° view your audience.
Filter and segment your audience across hundreds of categories to understand exactly what influences and motivates consumers to take action.

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High-level audience intelligence

Want to know what your audience thinks and feels? Get quick, free intelligence with YouGov Profiles Lite, helping you to understand an overview of your audience.

Understand their lifestyle and media consumption preferences, which brands they like, and their advertising attitudes, hobbies and interests.

Easily share your findings in a deck-ready visual format, and get rapid insights for your pitches and campaigns.

Granular audience intelligence

Create a detailed view of your personas using our flagship audience intelligence tool YouGov Profiles.

Build richer, deeper understandings of your audience with our profiling database of nearly 2 billion global consumer metrics cover demographic, psychographic, attitudinal and behavioural consumer variables to help you

Use YouGov Profiles to plan game-changing product, brand and marketing strategies, or for media planning to achieve long-term business success.

Bespoke audience research

Whatever your project scope or budget, we’ll find the most accurate, cost-effective way to access data you need.

Get end-to-end support from research specialists including sample framing, questionnaire design, analysis and more, with YouGov Custom Research solutions.

Leverage our advanced survey analysis technology, category expertise and sector experience. We’ll make sure you’re supported every step of the way.

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Don't just take our word for it. Join the brands that truly understand their audiences.

“YouGov allowed us to develop entirely bespoke segments based on our needs and gave us credible data to position ourselves as thought leaders in purpose-based marketing”.

Pete Grant, Planning Director