Ad campaigns that reach your audience at the right time, in the right place

Remove the doubt from digital advertising. Guarantee attention with our unique formats.
Make sure your ads are delivered to your target consumers every time, thanks to powerful audience segmentation built from zero-party data or scaled from YouGov’s 27 million + strong panel.

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Interactive ads with 100% viewability

Guarantee 100% attention, engagement and viewability with your ads in a premium, brand-safe, environment with YouGov FreeWall.

Eliminate ad fraud and waste with our unique and highly effective media format. Audiences interact directly with your questions in order to unlock premium content from across our publisher network, including Hearst, ESi Media and 1XL.

Deliver memorable, measurable and impactful advertising, paying only on a cost per engagement basis.

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Precision audiences

Maximise the effectiveness of your advertising spend with purpose-built, precision audiences.

100% verified, zero-party consumer data enables you to target your audience with granularity and precision.

Target exactly who you want to regardless of device, browser or cookie settings with permission data for unrivalled cookieless targeting.

Build high quality audiences with maximum data integrity to outperform other in-market data providers.

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Reach your audiences

Build the bridge between your media planning and execution – any audience built with YouGov data can be turned into an addressable audience for ad targeting.

Make your data more actionable and make it work harder for you. Create any audience you can think of using YouGov’s syndicated data or your own custom research.

NEW FMCG shopping basket data for activation - now you can precisely reach audience segments defined by purchase behavior.

Take your attitudinal and behavioural segmentation into the real world and create bespoke campaigns that will resonate with your ideal audience.

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Better first party data for better decision making

Improve and enrich your own first party data asset by collecting data from your audience with our innovative ad technology.

Import YouGov data to your environment using a deterministic match to open-up a wide range of use cases, including further insight to audience targeting and the next best action for your consumers.

Build out your first party data asset with new consumers that want your products.

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“This is the best performing awareness campaign we have run for Match Bingo. As a charity, we work with incredibly tight budgets and every investment counts. Using YouGov FreeWall® and gaining 100% attention with proven human engagement means our budget has really been maximized – we haven’t seen an 8% CTR in a long time!

We will be using YouGov FreeWall® again”

-Nikki Hopwood, Lottery and Gaming Lead