10 tech personas critical for growth

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COVID-19 spurred a rapid acceleration of digital technology adoption, but over the past 12 months some trendlines have begun to level. Understanding shifts in consumer tech behaviour, preferences and attitudes will be critical to charting a successful growth strategy.

Leveraging YouGov data, we’ve identified 10 key consumer audiences about whom tech innovators need a nuanced POV.

AI enthusiasts – 61% of British adults think AI will help humans in most of their daily tasks in the future

Metaverse anxious – 48% of Brits are worried about the potential implications of the Metaverse

Tech savvy – 47% of Brits say that they are quite technically minded

Tech replacers - 44% of Brits only replace technology products when they go wrong or are broken

Environmentalists – 35% of adults in GB consider themselves an environmentalist

Privacy panicked – 30% of British adults are concerned about their data privacy

AR admirer – 27% of adults in GB say shopping will be much more fun with AR

Smart speaker sceptics – 20% of British adults always double check the answer from the smart speaker

5G advocates – 17% of Brits are willing to pay more money to access 5G technology

Tech trendsetters – 14% of adults in Britain want to buy wearable technology and believe it is the next big thing

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