YouGov Profile Peek: How banks can attract Gen Z

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This latest YouGov report takes a look into the Gen Z audience in Great Britain and their attitudes towards banking and financial services. This report also compares Gen Z across Europe vs. Globally, providing further insight into this ever-evolving audience.

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  • Demographics and financial attitudes of Gen Z - 74% are planning to save more
  • Their banking and finance habits – 54% are hoping to save for the future
  • Mobile payment app usage – 35% use Apple Pay
  • Their attitudes towards advertising – 49% use TikTok

What you'll discover:

In our latest YouGov Profile Peek, YouGov Profiles data tells you what Gen Z Brits value when it comes to their finances and also insights into their media habits.

This report equips marketers and advertisers in financial services with data that helps them understand the habits of Gen Z and their finances, helping to focus on what is really important for this audience. The data also provides a wider perspective of the Gen Z European vs. Global trends.