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High-quality and cost-effective data for your research projects

YouGov Swiss Academia is tailored to the needs of scientific research. We offer you meaningful, reliable data on socially relevant and current topics – while at the same time networking with other researchers.

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YouGov Swiss Academia – Membership

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Become part of the Academia network

Benefit from our many years of experience as Switzerland’s market leader for representative public surveys and become part of the YouGov Swiss Academia network.

With a free membership you will receive insights into the latest fascinating surveys several times per year. As a member, you also get exclusive access to three different Academia products. With our high-quality panels we are able to provide you with outstanding, reliable and representative data for your scientific research projects.

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YouGov Swiss Academia Network Plus

From sampling to questionnaires to the end product – we bring practical experience into the lecture theatre.

As a member you will get answers to the following questions:

  • How is representative data collected?
  • What are neutral questions?
  • How do you design a questionnaire?
  • How exactly do we collect our data?
  • How do our survey methods work?

YouGov Swiss Academia Products

Our three Academia products are reserved exclusively for Academia network members and can be freely selected and combined according to your needs. The three standardised product options allow you to carry out representative surveys in (German-speaking) Switzerland; we handle the programming and data collection for you. This gives you easy access to reliable, high-quality data for your research projects – and to answers to your specific questions.

Included with all products: Online advice from YouGov experts so that your questionnaire optimally fulfils your research objectives.

Contact us to find out more or to discuss your specific project.

Advantages for you as a researcher

Become part of an active community of Swiss researchers

Benefit from co-determination of topics for representative YouGov Swiss Academia surveys, YouGov input at your events and sharing your thoughts at the annual Academia event.

More time for the essentials

Easy access to the latest data that is cost-effective thanks to standardisation – and more time for the actual research thanks to our expertise in data collection. You have direct influence on the choice of topics for Academia surveys.

Exchange that takes you further

Regularly exchange ideas with all partners at our annual networking event and receive valuable input.

Expertise and practical relevance

Achieve greater practical relevance in teaching thanks to empirical studies and presentations by YouGov experts in your courses.

YouGov Swiss Academia Products

Academia Basic

Academia Swiss

Academia Flex

Interviews: 500

Interviews: 1200

Interviews: 1200

Language: German

Language: German, French, Italian*

Language: German, French, Italian*

Region: German-speaking Switzerland

Region: All of Switzerland

Region: All of Switzerland

Number of questions: 10-20 questions

Number of questions: 10-20 questions

Number of questions: Max. 80 questions – can be used freely throughout the year

Data delivery: Raw data incl. 10 panel statistics

Data delivery: Raw data incl. 10 panel statistics

Data delivery: Raw data incl. 10 panel statistics

* incl. translations

* incl. translations


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