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YouGov Surveys: Self-serve

Discover real answers, from real people in your target audience, no matter how niche, with our panel-powered survey building platform. Reach Gen Pop and granular audiences, to understand exactly what they think.

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It's never been easier to reach your target audience

Build your highly-targeted surveys in 3 super simple steps:

1. Define your audience 
Reach Gen Pop or granular audiences, easily selecting from millions of profiling datapoints.
From car brands owned to hours spent on Netflix, attitudes to podcast advertising to views on sustainable clothing, we have the data for you to define your audience with unrivaled granularity

2. Build your questions
Choose from single, multiple choice, images, video, text response and branching and up to 30 questions. Logic, language and consistency will be reviewed for free by our team.

3. Launch your survey!
Launch or schedule your survey, and watch the results roll in within 24 hours.

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YouGov self-serve use cases

YouGov Surveys will help you:

  • Reach and target your ideal audience – Gen Pop to niche – with granular targeting capabilities
  • Get pitch-ready insights for urgent briefs and client requests
  • Support your strategy with real opinions from your target customer
  • Test ads, creatives and messaging before, during and after campaigns
  • Data-informed product development, test concepts with your target audience to know what resonates
  • Measure price elasticity of demand to match market expectations
  • Manage crises with 24/7 self-serve insights and 24-hours results turnaround

For survey results that can be quoted and published in the media as YouGov Surveys, or questions about political issues or sensitive personal data, please see our researcher-supported Serviced solution.

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Panel Quality and Targeting Capabilities

Panel-powered research

Build surveys with audience targeting. Real answers from real people in YouGov's market-leading panel.

What makes our panel so special?

  • Verified, engaged and global. Registered members generate thousands of datapoints every day, on consumer attitudes, opinions and behaviors.
  • Access hard to reach groups and understand the likely number of respondents available before committing to a project.
  • All surveys are mobile-friendly, with more than 50% of all surveys taken on mobile devices.

Next-level survey building

Granular targeting

Real answers from real people in your ideal target audience, no matter how niche

Rapid insights

With results within 24 hours

Powerful analysis

Analyze results in our easy-to-use, powerful analysis tool, unlocking new insights


Can I see a demo?

Watch our handy demo video to see just how easy it is to build your own survey!

How much does it cost to run a survey?

Prices start from £0.80p/$1.50 per survey complete and vary according to the number of questions, level of audience targeting, video length (if used), and target sample size. Price and sample size are shown as you build your survey, so you can always see exactly how many audience members you'll reach and control budgets.

Can I publish the results of my survey?

As per our Terms of Use, you are not able to publish the results of your survey, to cite YouGov or YouGov Surveys: Self-serve or YouGov Surveys as a source of the results. To speak to YouGov about these permissions please get in touch.

For survey results that can be quoted and published in the media as YouGov Surveys, or questions about political issues or sensitive personal data, please see our researcher-supported Serviced solution.

Why is the YouGov panel the best in the industry?

Our mission is to offer unparalleled insight into what the world thinks.

At the core of our platform is an ever-growing source of connected consumer data that has developed daily over 20 years. We call it living data. All our products and services draw upon this detailed understanding of our 27 million+ registered panel members to deliver accurate, actionable  consumer insights.

Our registered panel members are constantly and extensively verified. Pew research centre recognizes that YouGov “consistently outperforms competitors on accuracy”.

As innovators and pioneers of online market research, we have a strong reputation as a trusted source of accurate data and insights. Testament to this, YouGov data is regularly referenced by the global press, and we are the most quoted market research source in the world.

Which markets are available?

Currently you can reach audiences in GB & US

How do I create my audience?

Once your survey title and target market are set up, you can define the audience for your survey.

Our data is powered by the opinions of YouGov panelists. You can select between general population or design your own, ideal targeted audience.

Creating a targeted audience is as simple using the search bar to select from our millions of profiling datapoints, and then dragging and dropping to select your options. Our variables allow for granular targeting, meaning you can build and reach all types of audiences.

Once you're happy with your selections, choose the number of respondents you would like to reach with your survey, before designing your survey questions.

Watch our demo video to find out more.

What question types are supported?

  • YouGov Surveys: Self-serve supports 5 question types
    • Single choice
    • Multiple choice
    • Image
    • Video
    • Text response
  • You can also add instructional prompts for users.

Can I branch / route respondents to specific questions?

Yes - our branching functionality allows you to route respondents quickly and easily to different questions. We do not have a limit on this feature, meaning you can branch your audience into as many routes as you require.

How many answer options can be added?

You can add up to 20 answer options for both multiple-choice and image questions.

What image and video formats can I upload?

The following video and audio formats are supported by Self-serve:

  • For images: JPEG and PNG.
  • For videos: MP4 and MOV.

Do you offer support in scripting research surveys?

We offer a researcher-managed service in YouGov Surveys: Serviced.

How long does it take for a survey to be reviewed?

Survey review can take up to 2 hours (during Monday-Friday business hours) depending on the survey length.

Client support is currently available 5 days a week. If you’d like to run a survey at the weekend, please reach out to us in advance and we will help review your survey.

How will I be able to view the results of my survey?

Once your survey is closed, your results are available in YouGov Crunch - our powerful and easy to use data analytics tool, for deeper analysis.

How can I pay for my survey?

You can publish a Self-serve survey using any of the following 3 payment methods:
1. Credit / Debit Card
2. Invoice (via a Sales Order form)
3. Payment links (where you will be able to share the checkout page with others, so they can complete the payment themselves)

Success stories

Why YouGov?

Take a note from businesses who are survey savvy. Go on... you’re in good company.

“With YouGov’s rapid pre-test capabilities we are able to gain a valuable understanding of consumer sentiment so we can make data-informed, strategic marketing decisions before the ad launches on TV.”

Clare White, Head of Marketing Communications 


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