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  • Brands (including our NEW 'customers of' variable, where you can target customers of your brand... or your competitors'!)

Maximize your research budget with tailored surveys

Cost Factors:

  • Sample size & level of audience targeting
  • Number and type of questions


  • Starts at £0.80/$1.50 per survey complete.

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Choose up to 30 questions from the below question types:

  • Single
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  • Branching
  • Grid/Matrix

Logic, language and consistency will be reviewed for free by our team.

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  • Pitch-ready insights
  • Support your strategy
  • Ad testing
  • Informed product development
  • Measure price elasticity
  • Crisis management
  • Brand tracking
  • Attitudes and usage

*Self-serve cannot be used to ask about political issues, enquire about personal or sensitive issues, or be cited or published in the media. If you do require any of this functionality, speak to the YouGov team.

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“With YouGov’s rapid pre-test capabilities we are able to gain a valuable understanding of consumer sentiment so we can make data-informed, strategic marketing decisions before the ad launches on TV.”

Clare White, Head of Marketing Communications 


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