Behavioral: Media Consumption

Future-proof your viewership and streaming data

YouGov Behavioral: Media Consumption combines verified global viewership data, search social & online demand of content with thousands of surveyed demographic and behavioral attributes. Understand what users stream, (and want more of) when.

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Stay on the pulse

Understand what users stream, when – from people who listen to rock music on a Tuesday to those who have re-watched Emily in Paris.

Backed by 160,000 activated accounts and the ability to connect to YouGov’s panel of 27 million+ registered members, you can:

  • Monitor streaming behavior, season retention trends and episodic drop-off rates by cross-referencing audience viewership between different services.
  • Enhance self-reported survey data with verified user actions and easily segment for granular consumer-level intelligence.
  • Drill down and target your advertising on a one-to-one level, with unrivalled seed marketing opportunities.
  • Target and re-contact specific respondents to get a deeper understanding of their actions and attitudes.
  • Benchmark and compare all titles to each other, across broadcast, linear and cable formats.

Next-level streaming intelligence

Zero-party data

Data collected is not self-reported but verified via a double opt-in consent – going above and beyond GDPR/CCPA requirements

Cross platform, cross device

Understand overlapping content demand across demographic groups with data from major platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Video, Paramount+, Hulu, Disney+, AppleTV+ and YouTube

Unique metrics

From binge rate to share of audience, converted to platform, season retention rates, time-based metrics, and platform affinities – we have it all

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