Understand how audiences view the corporate world

Continuously measure the corporate image and public perception of the largest companies operating or listed in the UK. Rapidly check your campaign effectiveness and react quickly to events or crises. Immediately spot and take action on any changes in your sector and take advantage of opportunities.

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Track the fundamentals of your corporate image


React to changes in perception as they unfold, with data collected daily.


Track corporate reputation across multiple metrics, and sectors simultaneously.


Benchmark your competitive edge by watching the performance of your competitors.

Measure and understand corporate perception

Carry out continuous daily online surveys covering 12 metrics for each company, including: Awareness, Buzz, Momentum, Impression, Trust, Environment, Citizenship, Fairness, Role Model, Pride, Resilience, Purpose and Britishness

Capture scores for 60+ corporates in multiple industries, including: tech, financial services and insurance, consumer goods, fashion, media, supermarkets, retail, digital, travel and airlines


Always-on tracking for rich and comprehensive data


Clients praise our robust data responsiveness, market acumen and attention to detail.


Get a full, end-to-end service from our team of leading researchers, who are highly attuned to the changing needs of your market.


We interview around 1,500 UK adults every week from our highly engaged online panel.

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